maybe cycles can not be broken

I shack my head in disbelieve as my mouth grins from ear to ear in the realization that I have not broken the cycle of killing my art.
Today I realized I will not be able to attend the opening reception of Here Not THERE at MCASD June 5. I will miss being THERE to support the artists who are showing.
I will be busy doing a temporary installation at Art Around Adams, which is an amazing opportunity for me to do a piece I have contemplated for years. I will be there and not THERE.

The museum curators and directors of our must prestigious galleries in San Diego will probably be not be there, but all is not lost. I will document, and at some point this documentation will find its way to museums and galleries, which will then produce a letter, which will then be documented.

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Lori said...

The cycle may be broken. I will participate in Art Around Adams from 3-8pm and then go to the reception of Here Not There.

I am very fortunate and thankful.