Krisel downtown

William Krisel, Architect
Directed by Jake Gorst

Last night was a free screening at MCASD La Jolla, and after the screening Krisel went up on stage and answered question from a moderator and audience members.

Today I rode my bike downtown and found the building at 1st and C.

It was not an easy building to get to with the trolley line on one side and the civic center on the other.

I learnt a lot about Krisel as an architect from the documentary.

And I will have to do further investigations.

As I rode home I noticed the Sempra Energy Building at 101 Ash St and wondered who that architect was. I did not stop to take any pictures, but when I got home I looked on-line, and found nothing. Then tried calling and got nowhere. Need more investigating.

There was so much traffic today as I got myself away from it I told myself I will need to come downtown on a Sunday. Give myself time to wonder the streets, pay attention to the architecture, and take lots of pictures, an urban hike!

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