March 6 2010

As we drove up to LA we engaged in great conversation and the roads where dry.

Our first stop was the Hammer Museum to see the Rachel Whiteread drawing exhibit.

Included in the show were some sculptures, models

And postcard studies

On our way to Bergamot Station we stopped at Giant Robot 2.

At Bergamot:

Oliver Michaels at Shoshana Wayne

Joe Goode at Greenfield Sacks

Larry Bell at Frank Lloyd

Hyuk Jun Yi at Sarah Lee

And I was totally sucked in with Jeffrey Wells installation at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. He made me pay attention and played with my perception.

What brought us to Bergamot on this visit was the first reception of Luis de Jesus Los Angeles, with the works of Daniel Tierney in the large bright white main room, and a group show in the smaller room.

Luis moved the gallery, Luis de Jesus Seminal Projects, to LA. It is unfortunate for San Diego that we no longer have this gallery, and I hope he will be able to continue to represent his San Diego artist in Los Angeles. I do wonder why he changed the name of the gallery, felt the necessity to have Los Angeles in the name, and why the gallery space has so many fluorescent lights (I noticed it cast a weird color on people).

It was an energizing trip up there. It was also different to go into spaces as an artist in transition, questioning if my art practice can remain one of object making, thereby shifting away from the need for conventional galleries that show objects. I no longer wondered, would this gallery be appropriate for my work, do I send them a packet, are they accepting proposals, etc. It was very liberating; I just had to experience the work.

This morning I woke up, stayed in bed for a while, and totally changed my mind about my proposal to Art on how I see it now.

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