Last night
Teddy Cruz, Suzanne Lacy, Rick Lowe, Mat Coolidge, Rebecca Solnit.

Some of what was said that sticks with me:

Mat Coolidge talked briefly about if something is pointed out, attention brought to it, that you are then neglecting everything else. My temporary installations have been about bringing awareness to a specific. It will be challenging to investigate how not to do this. This is eye opening and I think it will be a challenging investigation into how not to do this in my art practice.

They all said artists need to not consider themselves as special, and I believe this to be true.

It was also pointed out that all their works take time, long periods of time, change does not happen quickly, time must be invested. This is eye opening, and a wonderful gift for my work is changing, the change is happening slowly, and now I can give myself the time needed.

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