Salk Institute

My first encounter

I thought it was like most research facilities, NO ACCESS

But this place is different

Different thanks to the vision of two men

Jonas Salk, scientist, and Louis Kahn, architect


Just like the art I enjoy the most

This place sucks me in, captures my attention, and keeps me there

This place will be a place I always must visit, walk, spend time, and experience

Where the manmade meets nature spectacularly

Where you can spend time, stop the internal dialogue, pay attention, and be where you are.

For me much like the Golden Gate Bridge

There is something comforting in knowing I can experience architecture without the two + hour drive it takes to go to the Getty Center, Walt Disney Music Center, and other compelling spaces in LA

Right here where I now live

I am kicking myself in the butt for not having gone soon

And I am really grateful that the instructor for our class organized this field trip with tour

Thanks to all

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