connection to far away

Yesterday I was not feeling quite right. Emotional, drained, unfocused. This morning I found out that my mother had a mini-stroke over the weekend. This is probably not the first, but it seems to have been the worse thus far.

I think my body felt a connection to the women who gave birth to me, co-raised me, and loves me unconditionally.

It is not easy to be far away. To hear the anxiety in my sister voice, and the burden she feels. To know that my father is at a loss about what the person he has lived with for 56+ years has gone through, and is going through.

I wonder, would it be better if I were up there. And I think, maybe it is best that I am not. I am not sure I would be an asset within the mix. I spoke with them all later in the day. We are all were we are, making the best of it.
I'll talk to them all again tomorrow.

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