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I am finding it difficult not to post on Facebook about an event recently posted which is asking artists to participate in a show at The Garage.

So I will vent here.

The show will be about being rejected from the Here Not There exhibit at MCASD. It will be the same night as the reception for the MCASD exhibit.

I understand it is not easy to accept that you’ve not been accepted.

What I do not understand is why these artists do not want to support the artists that did get in.

There are some artists that support The Garage, so instead having this show the same evening wouldn’t it be better to have the “rejection” show another night and go and support our artist/community.

There is actually so much going on June 5 2010
Sushi Performance and Art, Red Ball
Here Not There, reception
Art Around Adams
LUX, reception
There Goes the Neighborhood (www.theregoes.org)
I understand the impulse to do something as a reaction. I question that this particular reaction does not foster community

I know it is good not to post this on Facebook. Venting feels good.

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Michele Guieu said...

I agree Lori.
another date for the "rejection show" would have been better.