San Diego North County Art Run

Part 1: Oceanside Museum of Art
We started upstairs playing in the installation by Richard Gleaves Liquid.

The billing as being an experience of being underwater is quite accurate.  I have always found my experience in water to be joyous play and my experience as I spent time in this installation was such.

The gallery next to Liquid had Looking Back/Moving Forward: Contemporary Mexican-American Art, works by Einar & Jamex de la Torre and Raul Guerrero. I am always drawn into the work of the de la Torre brothers.

Is it the glass, the images, the connotations, must be it all.

Downstairs was Defying Expectations: Contemporary Native American Art from the San Diego Region. Works by James Luna, Gerald Clarke, Raymond Lafferty, and Catherine Nelson-Rodriguez. This was my first introduction to their work.

Luna’s was inspiring, thought provoking and had humor.

I was intrigued, and inspired.

Clarke’s work made me cringe, shake my head, and it possesed humor as well.

Nelson-Rodriguez’s work drew me, and as it did feelings of sadness, and depression began to arise. It was not easy to take it all in. She is very brave.

The showcasing of these contemporary local artists shows me there is incredible artistic creative energy in our region.
Thanks OMA!

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