statement for the viewer

Conveying a specific intent, making a statement, through ones art practice is not easy.
I have noticed that often times the only way I understand the proposed intent, what the artist wants to convey to me, is by reading a written statement.
Is a written statement enough.

Often times, especially with installation work, one does not know if the piece will convey the intent until the work is complete and/or installed. So, at that point if you see it is not working do you maintain your original intent with the statement, or do you let the viewer have whatever experience comes to them?
Maybe it is too difficult to step back, step away, and see if the work is really conveying your intent.

Maybe everyone will or cannot get it.
Maybe it does not matter, and if so, then why have the statement.

Maybe it should just be up to the viewer to get whatever they get from the work.
I wonder.

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