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June 5, 2010 was truly an amazing day, which included a bike ride and much art.

Before going over to Adams Ave to participate in Art Around Adams I stopped at my favorite coffee shop for my favorite drink, decaf soy latte, which I chose to have iced.

While there I was able to experience Megan Willis’s installation again and see the new additions.

Free Space asks questions, gives possible answers, and allows the viewer to come up with their own scenarios.

Then it was off to Adams Ave to start working on Sidewalk Relationship: Adams. I was nervous going over there, wondering will the piece be successful. I started on the west end, south side and worked east.

People interacted immediately with the piece, they had to. Surprisingly they also easily interacted with me.

All were very friendly and supportive.

It was funny to see how sometimes people did not want to walk on the piece in fear of destroying it. I told them not to worry, it was not meant to last, and the piece was on a sidewalk meant to be used.

Friends came by, kids and some adult drew, family came with supplies, water, and to get me a Viva Pops!

A dear friend helped me at the end as I ran the broom back down where I and all my collaborators had worked. All the pictures and video can be seen @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/lorilipsman/sets/72157624215316948

Before heading over to the reception at MCASD for Here Not There I stopped by the Garage to take a picture of my piece in the Rejection Show. I had been disappointed that this show was happening this night, as I had blogged about http://lori-internaldialogue.blogspot.com/2010/05/community-support.html

But I decided after announcement after announcement for people to enter this show that I would do a piece specifically for it. Something that might show that it is possible to not be angry.

I am not sure the piece works or that any one will get it, but I was in and out of there quickly, and over to La Jolla.

The reception was packed and it was had to find some friends but we all ended up finding each other. The artists I knew were so joyful making the energy contagious. There was no way to experience all the work, there is a lot. From what I did get to experience I got a sense of discovery through play and I LOVED IT.
I look forward to going to the museum often while the show it up.

My day was amazing and it makes me realize how blessed I am to be living in this place at this time. I am truly a fortunate person and I am extremely grateful.

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Renay said...

Lori that is a great piece. Your turned a disappointment into art. I entered my first photo contest. I did it more for the experience and exposure in the event that the image hangs without winning. It felt good getting over that poverbial hump.