letter to director

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Michele Guieu said...

Hey Lori, great letter - can I link it on Facebook?

Lori said...

No problem for me linking!

Kevin Freitas said...

Lori - I'm not sure your letter is the most effective way of getting your message across let alone be understood. Generally, most people would take offense at such harsh accusations - whether right or wrong - and likely dismiss what you had to say. I don't know I could be wrong, perhaps Deitch has responded back. I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't.

The point I'm trying to make is that I haven't read (personally) the back story to this whole affair, meaning do we have all the details, as everyone seems to have jumped on the censorship bandwagon without a second thought.

I believe artists are largely responsible for the perdicaments they find themselves in, including Blu. This is a direct result of artists being at the mercy of large institutions, galleries, collectors etc. and their inability to say no to every opportunity that comes their way - without regard sometimes to the consequences - and (sometimes) an over inflated image of themselves and their art as sacred, untouchable, universal, ad nauseam...

Let's face it, the mural was pretty awful from any technical point of view and a bit of a cliche. The question should it have gone up on the wall is just as important if not more relevant than should it have been covered over. Questioning if something is relevant or not - good or bad - whatever, is just good common sense and should not be construed as censorship even if what is being questioned is art.

The point is, calling out Deitch is not going to change a thing. Circumvating the machinery that Deitch may or may not represent by being less dependent on it as artists - for our bread and butter or fame and glory - would make us stronger as a whole by creating our own means - financially or otherwise - for our support and protection.

Lori said...

Your comment is just your opinion, as my internal dialogue is.
I chose to do something and wrote a letter. You chose to disagree.

Kevin Freitas said...

Lori -

I'm not disagreeing with you about writing a letter - I'm glad you did - I just think you missed my point that's all. There are more effective ways to make changes. I offered up a few.

Isn't in the end about dialogue?