different day

My world seems tense today.

Is it the dry warm weather, the smoked filled air, the Suzuki breaking down, school work to be done, home to be cleaned, cat’s eye to be checked, credit card to be paid, not much work on the calendar, payment for work done not received, food costing more?

I started off towards meeting the girls for the Thur night hike. Forgot my headlamp, but no big deal, the sky was clear, and the moon still quite large.

Traffic not bad until I got on 15 north and bam, just as swooped off the ramp the radio told me, Sig Alert, (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sig_Alert also known as a parking lot).

Apparently there were more than one, but the one concerning me was right now, right here, 15 north. Luckily I got off the freeway quickly and headed back home on surface streets. Let the girls know I would not make it.

Was this all a product of my day? Feeling exhausted, and for no physical reason.

Got home, went out and walked Florida Canyon.

Weird light, weird atmospheric conditions, but fantastic view of Balboa Park, Coronado Bridge, the Coronado Islands, and East County.

Today was not fun.

Tomorrow will be different and new.

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