art energy in San Diego

The Union Tribune has published a list of the San Diego artist who will participate in the “Here Not There” exhibit this June.

The artists: David Adey, Agitprop, Adam Belt, Susannah Bielak, Brian Black and Ryan Bulis (exhibiting together), Kelsey Brookes, Sheldon Brown, Micha Cardenas and Elle Mehrmand (exhibiting together), Brian Dick, Ricardo Dominguez, Tom Driscoll, Kelly Eginton, James Enos, Steve Gibson, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Matt Herbert, John Hogan, Jeff Irvine, Glenna Jennings, John Oliver Lewis, Lev Manovich, Heather Martin, May-Ling Martinez, Jessica McCambly, Gretchen Mercedes, Patricia Montoya, Ingram Ober, Christopher Puzio, Andy Ralph, Marisol Rendon, Allison Renshaw, Jason Sherry and Matt Hoyt (exhibiting together), Tristan Shone, The Border Corps (Armando de la Torre, Anthony Vasquez, Endy, Perry Vasquez and Shondra Dawson), Stephen Tompkins, Michael Trigilio, Robert Twomney, Zlatan Vukosavljevic, Vicki Walsh and Allison Wiese.

Of course I am disappointed in not being included, but the list is impressive and I am very excited for all the artists who have been included. It is refreshing to see that MCASD associate curator Lucia Sanroman has chosen what I think is a diverse group, and should give visitors to the museum a glimpse into what is being done by San Diego artists. There were 234 artist submissions, one of which was mine, and others thrown into the pot to bring the number of artists wanting to participate to 350. I am a little surprised it was not more, and where’s my rejection letter!

It feels as though art is happening in San Diego. Saturday I will be on an art run to LA and I wonder if these trips, which take time, money, and gas, will someday be unnecessary. There is more going on here, more fantastic work. The energy is really nice.

In my disappointment in not being included I noticed that although I have let go of any notion of fame as an artist, I had not let go of the notion of “making it” as an artist. And at that moment I realized I am making it as an artist. I have a lot going on, with many opportunities, I’m just not making money.

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Kevin Freitas said...

The usual suspects! The very opposite of diversity. Inclusivity, nepotism, and status quo is the alma mater of San Diego!