back to play

Today I started printing on the Grand Canyon Guides again, and there are a lot of guide pages to be printed on.

This summer I will have the opportunity to realize my vision for these prints. I am so grateful to Lynn Susholtz of Art Produce Gallery to have this opportunity. The vision I had for them has morphed into an entire installation which will create a space where people can walk through my canyon. There will also be links to the water which runs through the Grand Canyon to our community here and the importance of the many canyons around San Diego to our eco system.

I have been working out details, floor plans, elevations, mural ideas, etc, but today I am having fun again. I have given myself a gift by lifting the restriction of how the images will be created and printed.

I am back to playing and I remember what Dennis Leon said to me during my thesis review, “don’t loose your wonderful ability for play”.

Today I remember play and Dennis.

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Michele Guieu said...

This is great Lori!