being rich

My fortune runs very deep.

Although we struggle financially, and we are really struggling right now, I know how rich my life is.

My parents visit ended yesterday and it was once again hard to say goodbye, we cried.

We saw a lot of art, going to the Oceanside Museum of Art,  SDSU downtown gallery, MCASD downtown, New Contemporaries III reception at Project X, Art Walk, RB Stevenson Gallery and Quint Contemporary Art.

At Quint we met Robert Irwin and briefly watched as he worked on one of the installations.

We went to Museum of Tolerance in LA and met up with family.

We walked the neighborhood.

We watched the Stanley Cup playoffs.

And we ate a lot of food I should avoid.

I wish that financially we were not so strapped. It was not easy when my Dad wanted some cash and I could not give him any. He did not need it, he just wanted a little to have in his pocket. I felt like such a failure when I told him I could not get him any.

But they do not see me as a failure. They are so proud and supportive, as they always have been.

I cannot let our money problems define these times, because I am very fortunate. I have loving, supportive, and interesting family, partner, friends, and colleagues. This is so much more valuable than money.

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