Chihuly at the Salk

Monday night 8:45 we went over to the Salk Institute for our tour.

The work is beautiful but it reads as plop art. If there is a dialogue between the sculpture and the architecture is was weak. I do not see it as honoring Jonas Salk or Louis Kahn.

Except the shadows which some of the sculptures cast.

These were wonderful.

I wonder if the shadows were of any consideration with this work.

I am glad we saw this work at night.

Apparently some of the pieces will be up over the summer. This will give me an opportunity to see some of them during the day and see if maybe there is more of a relationship with the architecture.

It is such a magnificent space.

I hope the Salk Institute continues a program with artists for installations.

All my pictures can be see at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vklips/sets/72157623952292326

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Michele Guieu said...

Beautiful photos Lori! It makes want to go see it, I hope I will get the chance. I love the contrast between the striking austerity of the architecture and the arabesques of the biomorph shadows.