don't mess with Mother Nature

I was going to use the very front yard to experiment with my art as public art. There was to be some weed whacking, and installation of objects, and other vegetation. It was to be an organic process of experimentation and play.

But I love the way nature has taken over. How it changes subtly daily and dramatically seasonally. I have procrastinated in starting this project and today I realized I am afraid that I cannot improve upon what is there and I will ruin what nature has done so effortlessly. Maybe my efforts should not interfere.

Our neighbors to the south have put up a makeshift screen to shield themselves from the sight of your yard. They have told us in no uncertain terms that it is ugly because it is weeds. We find their screen ugly. I wish they could enjoy our natural yard as much as we do.

I wonder if we will be forced to week whack it all down as we did last year. It would be really wonderful if we could let natural take its full course. Sometimes urban living has its downfalls.

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