i am

I am learning that I am not only the person I see myself as; I am also the person others see me as.

Sometimes the person others see me as is so different than how I see myself that is it would be easy to believe it is them, not me. This is not only the case for the negatives, but the positives too.

I know that how they see me, there is truth.

I know that how I see myself, there is also truth.

As I write I have a glimpse that I am just the person I am.

I am that fucked up person who is trying to be a little less so.

And I am a little more comfortable with how others see me, and how I see myself.

Maybe some day it will not matter. I can just be.

I will just be.

But, today it all seems to matter, and I know I am far from just being.

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