Memorial Day 2008

Today is the Memorial Day holiday. It is not a holiday I care to participate in.

I am not sure why I have such a deep seeded belief that war in wrong. I remember noticing the belief in the 6th grade living in Vermont during the Vietnam War.

My parents did not believe in that war, but they believed in WWII. I know it is because of their Jewish heritage. I know they believe that war was necessary in order to stop Hitler.

I believe he could have been stopped using nonviolent methods before things got so out of hand.

I believe there is always a way to resolve issues using nonviolent methods.

I believe if others believe it is possible.

I believe because it has always been so does not mean is has to be.

I know we use to live in caves and we no longer do.

I know we use to die from diseases which we no longer do.

I know we use to walk everywhere and we no longer do.

I know we use to communicate directly with one another and we no longer have to.

I know we use to make our own clothing and we no longer do.

I know there are many things we use to do, which we no longer do or have to do.

This is why I do not understand why we cannot open up to the possibility that the people within our world can live as nonviolent beings.

Today, this Monday is a holiday. My Memorial Day will not be about people who died in wars. My Memorial Day will be about the people who lived their lives as examples of nonviolence.

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