sustainable energy: here or there

Today I am very tired, feeling drained. Last night I went to a social event at the Museum of Photographic Arts, and it was a late night for me.
It was nice that instead of working in the studio this morning I went to the Sierra Club office and did data entry for the Smart Energy Solutions campaign http://sdsmartenergy.org/index.shtml

What brought me to volunteering for this seems like a zigzag road.

I first started investigating getting solar panels for generating solar energy. The rebate system would buy back energy for maybe 3 years and then any extra energy you are producing would just go to SDG&E. We could go totally off the grid but would then need batteries for storage and the cost would be far more.

Why can’t we put up a system to generate as much energy as possible and sell back, I just don’t get it.

Through this research I found there was a program through the Center for Sustainable Energy. This system didn’t seem to be that efficient since you needed a back-up hot water heater. I knew that a tank less hot water heater would be more efficient than a traditional water heater, and I discovered it would be cheaper to install than the solar system, and easier maintenance. We’ll go with that.

I was still upset about the idea that someone could install a maximum solar electric system and sell back to the grid. It’s just not right. And what was this with SDG&E wanting to invest in the Sunrise Link http://www.sdge.com/sunrisepowerlink/
If one looks at the system, really looks, you will see there is nothing sustainable, green, or environmentally conscience about this plan, it looks good on the surface, but it is extremely flawed.

I decided it was no longer enough; to complain about not being able to sell back to the grid; to complain about the profits SDG&E and Sempra Energy make; to complain that there are alternatives closer to where power is needed, which are not being explored, to complain that the state government could do more, to complain that people could do more.
It was no longer enough to complain.

I needed to step up and get involved. So, there I was, doing data entry. It doesn’t seem like much, it’s easy, and it’s not dramatic. Next week I go back to do more.

I really hope, I hope for understanding, increased consciousness for the environment and people, and change.

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