my recent dilemma

I am in a dilemma. I have concerns. Its my art. Its the practice of art making.
I am among a small percentage of people who can even dwell on such a concern, but I feel it is my responsibility.
I am concerned about the environmental impact my art practice has.
I am concerned about buying supplies, and producing.
I am concerned my art practice is leaving a very large environmental impact.

My concerns have me thinking of how to decease this footprint.
Do I use only repurposed materials?
Do I use only what I can find?
Do I stop buying materials?
Do I stop producing an art product?

I know I want to keep my art practice.
I know it is time to make my art practice “green”.

The GREENING of my art practice
May 21 2008, Phase 1
1. Use up all supplies, and materials, currently in the studio.
2. The only material which can be replenished/bought is ink for the printer, (at some point this may have to stop too).
3. Once all paper has been used, do not purchase any paper, if paper is needed used paper headed for the recycle bin.
4. Be extremely conscience about what is to be printed, how many colors are needed, use as much white as possible.
5. If a piece which has been printed and it is just all wrong, try reusing, repurposing it, before having it go into the recycling.
6. Work with more found objects, natural and man-made.
7. Reduce the amount of printing, only print the piece if there is an opportunity to have it exhibited.
8. Printed work is always 1 of 1.
9. Instead of purchasing frames (can use up the ones in the studio), repurpose found wood to create mechanisms for wall display.
10. Sell work as inexpensive as possible.
11. Pare down the amount of packets sent to galleries and museums.
12. Remember, REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE for every aspect of my art practice.

I am excited to see where my new “green” art practice takes me.

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